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October 15 2020

Ryan made an appearance (virtually) at the New York Comic Con 2020 panel for his hit animated show, Big Hero 6: The Series to discuss and talk about season 3 and the show in general. You can watch the full panel below.

September 12 2020

We just wanted to post a quick update to wish the main man, Ryan a very Happy Birthday! We celebrate Ryan’s special day by binging his filmography.

If you need a reminder of where you can binge some of Ryan’s projects, check out our Streaming Guide.

Happy Birthday Ryan!

September 02 2020

There’s a new trailer for Ryan’s newest series Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous which premieres on Netflix on September 18th. This trailer features more of Ryan as Kenji.

August 26 2020

That’s probably a little loaded persay…. but THE Joshua Orpin aka Conner from Titans and Ryan’s co-star has (indirectly and not really about us) posted a video featuring our site in a tab in his browser as he was showing off that he frequently stalks Ryan. imeanwhodoesntright?

This was just a minor freakout by us, please carry on.

August 12 2020

We have acquired a ton of exclusive high quality images and rares of Ryan throughout his career and have done a major photo update to the photo archive. We require you to have basic etiquette when sharing our exclusives, as we require you to NEVER remove the credit and always give us credit. If posting on social media and the credit is removed for any reason, at least give us a link back in the caption or just do (c) ryan-potter.org.

It’s not that hard to credit, and we just ask for everyone to credit if using! More exclusives are coming soon. 🙂

July 28 2020

Ryan has finally unveiled one of his newest animated projects that has no doubt been worked on throughout quarantine which can finally be discussed as we are now only about 52 days away from it’s September 18th, 2020 release through Netflix!

This will mark Ryan’s first project released exclusively for Netflix and his second project to be streaming through the service, with the first project being Running for Grace.

We have updated the gallery with promotional posters, the career pages and sidebar to reflect this new information on his latest project.

Television Series & 2020 | Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous > Promotional Posters
July 08 2020

This doesn’t feature Ryan as Hiro Hamada (which is why it wasn’t posted earlier) but I’ve been missing Big Hero 6: The Series so I figured it’d be great to post.

Any news and details on Season 3 are still up in the air as of right now, but we will keep everyone posted.

July 01 2020

Welcome back to Ryan Potter Central, where we are celebrating our 2 years online (officially 2 years on July 16th!) with a brand new Aestethic-y feel with that soft summer-y feel. We had a completely different feel and look about our 2 years theme but as I was going over pictures and what we wanted as a theme and as we were going over it, we decided to go in a completely different direction than originally planned!

We have so many people to thank for helping us: Kaci (for the theme and general help), Frederick, TomHolland.net (for References in the editable celebration banner; also check out her amazing site on Tom!), Gratrix Designs (for references in the boxes below the header) & Shawn-Mendes.com (for references in the logo between the menu) and many others who have helped throughout our time!

We have many new additions and features on Ryan Potter Central and we will list them all below:

  • Spotlight Project in Header
  • Social Media in Header
    — Features Ryan’s Twitter / Insta (top) as well as our Social Media (bottom) links.
  • Official Ryan Links in the Footer
  • Important Site links in the Footer
  • Japanese incorporated into logo
  • Streaming Guide
    — Our post from January 2020 turned into an actual guide for viewing! [Access]
  • Revamped Ryan Potter Biography page
  • Revamped Career page, becoming more detailed
    — We have made it so each project now has their own detailed page with a vast amount of information.
  • Project Origins page
    — For those projects of Ryan’s that are based off comics/books. [Access]
  • Press Archive
    — Coming Soon!
  • Finding Ryan
    — Wanna only watch the Ryan parts in a certain project? Now you can find out all times to feature him. WORK IN PROGRESS, NOT COMPLETELY FINISHED [Access]
April 13 2020

Hello everyone! I know I’ve been radio silent on the main site so I’ve decided to post this quick update to let everyone know about the quick updates that have been made today (4/13/20) and to expect more in the coming days. All updated albums from today have been linked below.

More will come over the next couple days as I have the next five days off of work cause the work gods love me enough to let my schedule align that way, I hope everyone is staying safe and continuously keeping up on washing hands and being well and taking care of yourself during this stressful time.

Television Series & 2012 | Fred: The Series > 014 | Fred’s All Nighter
Screencaptures & Shorts > Tim Drake Concept Fight
Miscellaneous & Instagram > Stories > 2019
Miscellaneous & Instagram > Stories > 2020 > April
Movies & 2018 | Running for Grace > Behind The Scenes
Movies & 2018 | Running for Grace > Production Stills
Movies & 2018 | Running for Grace > Promotional Covers
Movies & 2018 | Running for Grace > Promotional Posters
January 02 2020

Streaming has become a major player in pretty much every part of the world and with the latest addition of Disney+, I wanted to compile a guide to all of Ryan’s projects that are on the most popular streaming services. Since I’m in the US, this will be using the US versions of each streaming service BUT if you know of one of his projects that are currently available to watch anywhere else in the world, please let me know and I will add it with a note! 🙂


Netflix currently has two projects of Ryan’s to stream:

  • Running for Grace
  • Titans (International; Not available on US Netflix)


Hulu currently has no projects of Ryan’s to stream, but Big Hero 6: The Series and Big Hero 6 are both available with Hulu’s Live TV plans.

DC Universe: (US Only)

DC Universe (US Only) currently has one project of Ryan’s to stream:

  • Titans

Disney Plus:

Disney+ currently has four projects of Ryan’s to stream:

  • Big Hero 6
  • Big Hero 6: The Series (Season 1)
  • Big Hero 6: Shorts
  • Lab Rats: Elite Force (Episodes 1 & 7 only)

If any are missing, feel free to let us know!