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November 21 2020

We have decided to become more active in posting #OnThisDay tweets on Twitter to throwback to the various events that Ryan has attended over the years, and with each throwback, we would upgrade the photos to HQ + add some more if there was additional ones to add.

I’ve decided to upgrade the bulk of 2011 before today’s date that he attended for any HQs that I was missing and you can find the full list below.

Appearances — 2011 — February 14th
Appearances — 2011 — April 2nd
Appearances — 2011 — May 7th
Appearances — 2011 — May 22nd
Appearances — 2011 — June 4th — Arrivals
Appearances — 2011 — June 4th — Inside
Appearances — 2011 — September 23rd — Arrivals
Appearances — 2011 — September 24th — Arrivals
Appearances — 2011 — September 24th — The Games
Appearances — 2011 — September 24th — Inside
Appearances — 2011 — October 22nd — Arrivals
Appearances — 2011 — October 22nd — Inside
Appearances — 2011 — October 23rd
Appearances — 2011 — October 26th — Arrivals
Appearances — 2011 — October 26th — Audience
Appearances — 2011 — October 29th
Appearances — 2011 — October 29th
Appearances — 2011 — November 3rd
Appearances — 2011 — November 12th
August 12 2020

We have acquired a ton of exclusive high quality images and rares of Ryan throughout his career and have done a major photo update to the photo archive. We require you to have basic etiquette when sharing our exclusives, as we require you to NEVER remove the credit and always give us credit. If posting on social media and the credit is removed for any reason, at least give us a link back in the caption or just do (c) ryan-potter.org.

It’s not that hard to credit, and we just ask for everyone to credit if using! More exclusives are coming soon. 🙂

April 13 2020

Hello everyone! I know I’ve been radio silent on the main site so I’ve decided to post this quick update to let everyone know about the quick updates that have been made today (4/13/20) and to expect more in the coming days. All updated albums from today have been linked below.

More will come over the next couple days as I have the next five days off of work cause the work gods love me enough to let my schedule align that way, I hope everyone is staying safe and continuously keeping up on washing hands and being well and taking care of yourself during this stressful time.

Television Series & 2012 | Fred: The Series > 014 | Fred’s All Nighter
Screencaptures & Shorts > Tim Drake Concept Fight
Miscellaneous & Instagram > Stories > 2019
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Movies & 2018 | Running for Grace > Behind The Scenes
Movies & 2018 | Running for Grace > Production Stills
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December 27 2019

We have finally re-uploaded all of Ryan’s Appearances & Events that he attended throughout 2011, 2012 & 2014! This finishes off all the missing photos from any events he has attended in his career so far, as well as bringing the total number of photos from events to over 1,000! 80% of the photos uploaded are HQ while the rest is just LQ/MQ but rest assured they are all there!

Appearances & Events > 2011
Appearances & Events > 2012
Appearances & Events > 2014
December 18 2019

We have finally re-uploaded all of Ryan’s Appearances & Events that he attended throughout 2015! You can now check out all of the HQs (98% of the photos at least are HQ) of Ryan throughout 2015 in our Photo Archive now. More to come throughout the rest of the week and weekend.

Appearances & Events > 2015
September 14 2019

Vulkan Magazine has finally released the shoot they did with Ryan back in March of this year in a beautiful and artistic spread! We are so happy they finally released the shoot! You can check out all of the shots in the gallery below. If you’d like to see the full excerpt, click the Continue Reading button!

Photoshoots > 2019 > 004 | Vulkan Magazine
Magazine Scans > 2019 > September | Vulkan Magazine
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July 25 2018

Titans is another project of Ryan’s that was originally announced in the beginning of January 2016 to be originally aired on TNT. Eventually though TNT decided not to move forward with it’s Titans adaption and which caused the upcoming DC Universe streaming service to take it and advertise it as it’s flagship show debuting when the service itself debuts.

The show is based around DC’s superheroes, the Teen Titans and will follow them through their ups and downs. The trailer finally premiered this past weekend at San Diego Comic Con where DC Universe held a Pop-Up Experience booth. Ryan only appears in the trailer for a total of three seconds, we’re hoping that throughout the season he has plenty of screentime despite hardly being in the trailer which you can check out below:

You can now check out all the behind the scenes pictures, episode stills and various screencaptures in our Photo Archive now!

July 25 2018

Originally being referred to as Jo, The Medicine Runner and Ryan being attached to it since 2016, we have finally learned that the movie name has been changed to Running for Grace and now has a mainland release date!

Running for Grace is a Drama / Romance movie starring Ryan Potter, Matt Dillon, Olivia Ritchie & Sam Caviezel that will be released on the mainlands on August 17th, 2018. It was released in Hawaii (where it was filmed) in theaters on July 20th, 2018.

Production Stills, Behind The Scenes and various Screencaptures are already in the gallery for viewing pleasure!