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Welcome to Ryan Potter Central, your first and largest source dedicated to the Japanese-American actor, Ryan Potter! He is most known for his roles as Mike Fukanaga in Supah Ninjas, Gar Logan in Titans and as the voice of Hiro Hamada in Big Hero 6.
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Inner-city kids take on the undefeated Beverly Hills Junior National Karate Team, with the help of an ex-MMA master.
Name: Ryan Potter
Date of Birth: September 12th, 1995
Place of Birth: Oregon City, Oregon
Zodiac Sign: Virgo
Parents: Jordanna Potter
Step-Parents: James Lew
Height: 5’8″
Eye Color: Hazel / Dark Brown
Hair Color: Black (Natural)

Debut Project: Supah Ninjas (2011)
Latest Project: Big Hero 6: The Series (2020)
Years Active: 2011 – Present
Occupation: Actor / Photographer / Martial Artist

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Quick Biography:

Ryan Potter (born on September 12th, 1995) was born in Oregon City, Oregon before moving to Tokyo, Japan shortly after. He was raised in Japan until the age of 7 when he moved back to the United States, his first language is Japanese and he’s fluent in both Japanese and English. Ryan was raised by his mother, Jordanna Potter (which he uses her last name) for most of his life and not much is known of his father besides the fact that his father is Japanese and his mother is Caucasion and Jewish. One year after moving back to the States, Ryan started training in White Tiger Kung Fu where he would continue to study throughout his life and even now in between playing Baseball, Skateboarding and playing the drums. Jordanna (Ryan’s mother) married James Lew sometime in Late 2014, making James a stepfather to Ryan where James has been very supportive of Ryan in everything that he’s done in his career.


Ryan doesn’t have any known nicknames but back in 2013; he explained an old nickname he had growing up where he was known as “Iron Ryan” which he earned from playing Baseball, which he’s done every summer from the second grade up until he started acting. The excerpt below is from Nickelodeon‘s website when they had actor profiles, which is now defunct.

Explanation for “Iron Ryan”

When they asked him how he got the nifty nickname, Ryan replied, “That actually came from baseball. Catching was my favorite position. And basically the game depended on this one play. And the ball came home, and the guy was running home. And I got the ball and I bumped into the guy and we collided. And the ump ran over and said, “You still have the ball?” And I raised the ball in the air and I was so proud. It was a great moment. So then they called me ‘Iron Ryan’ because I was like an iron wall.”

Official Website Biography:

— His official website is now defunct and no longer active.

Ryan Potter was born in Oregon City, Oregon on September 12th, 1995. The year of the Boar. Ryan’s family returned to Tokyo shortly after his birth. His first language is Japanese. He moved with his family to the United States just before his 7th birthday.

Ryan is currently a freshman in high school. His favorite subject is history. His least favorite subject is probably biology. Ryan’s future plans include going to college and becoming a director.

Martial Arts:
Ryan loves martial arts and began training in White Tiger Kung Fu at the age of 8. He continues in the White Tiger tradition to this day. He has also studied WuShu style kung fu. One day Ryan would like to go to China to study with Shaolin monks.

Ryan loves to read and his current favorite is the Hunger Game series. Ryan’s other hobbies are to snowboard, skateboard, play the drums, paint and go air soft with his friends.

Having grown up in Japan, pop culture is a big part of Ryan’s life. He reads manga like Shonen Jump, One Piece and Death Note, and he watches all kinds of anime.

Ryan’s favorite sport is baseball which he’s played since he was in second grade. His favorite positions are catcher and centerfield. He’s played baseball in both Spring and Fall seasons every year for the past nine years but his shooting schedule with “Supah Ninjas” doesn’t leave him enough time these days. He’s a huge fan of the game and tries to get to college and MLB games when he gets the chance.

Not surprisingly Ryan’s favorite foods are anything Japanese and Korean BBQ. Spicy food is high on his list too.

Ryan loves to travel and is looking forward to seeing the world. When “Supah Ninjas” is on hiatus Ryan hopes to go somewhere he’s never been like Italy, and go visit his family and friends in Japan. When he gets some free time he wants to learn how to scuba dive, do more snowboarding and watch a game from behind the plate at Fenway Park.


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