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Welcome to Remarkably Ryan, your exclusive and number one source for the Japanese-American actor, Ryan Potter. Ryan is most notable for playing the roles of Mike Fukanaga in Supah Ninjas, Hiro Hamada (voice) in Big Hero 6 and of course, Gar Logan in Titans.
STUCK: Screencaptures Added to the Photo Archive!

If you’ve seen out twitter before, you would know we’ve been heavily promoting Ryan’s latest short film, STUCK, while also having uploaded the stills and other previews back in June to the gallery. We can now say that we have finally uploaded the screencaptures of the short to the gallery!

We will pre-warn you that we have specially marked the screencaptures that contain nudity that way there’s no surprises. None of the nudity comes from Ryan, it’s only the sex doll + the video playing in the background.

It’s unconfirmed how truly long or short the film is, but it may just be the 3 minute visual essay submitted to AFI earlier this year.


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Interview with Anthony at Looper!

Ryan recently did a video interview with Anthony Francisco over at Looper to help promote Ryan’s writing debut episode, Dude, Where’s My Gar? of Titans Season 4 that airs today, April 20th. You can watch the full 18 minutes worth below.

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Flashback: R. Styles Episode 2 + Episode 3 Teaser!

We received a request on Twitter asking us to post the R. Styles videos that we had access too, and unfortunately I only have access to Episode 2 in full and the Episode 3 Teaser (as they only posted EP1 & EP2 and abandoned ship after posting the EP3 teaser haha.) so I am posting them here per request and they are also available to download if you want!

If you happen to have Episode 1 or the Launch Episode please let us know if you’d like to share!

R. Styles (2015) – Episode 2
R. Styles (2015) – Episode 3; Teaser
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Ryan Hypes the Future of Titans Season 4!

Ryan did an interview with and discussed Titans (Season 4)! Check out what he had to say below under the read more, as it’s quite a lengthy piece and it will soon be added to our Press Archive as well!

Read the rest of this entry
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Netflix to Release “Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous” Interactive Special.

Netflix announced yesterday via a Press Release that they have plans to release a Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous Interactive Special to the streaming giant. They didn’t provide any further details such as a release date, returning cast or anything else.

We are to assume that the main roles including Ryan’s Kenji will return.

Whether it is the thrill of dinosaurs chasing you in Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous, laughter with familiar friends from Boss Baby, or the breathtaking adventures of upcoming series Sonic Prime, Daniel Spellbound and My Dad the Bounty Hunter, Netflix is the home of your favorite characters. Our kids animated series can excite imaginations, stir emotions, and make spirits soar.

We’re excited to announce returning favorites including a new Jurassic World interactive special and new episodes of The Cuphead Show!, Sharkdog, and He-Man and the Masters of the Universe.

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RELAUNCH: Ryan Potter Central Has Officially Become Remarkably Ryan!

Ryan Potter Central is no more! It is officially rebranded as Remarkably Ryan, which will be the official name for years to come and will be our last name change as we feel it’s a much more appropriate name for a fansite about Ryan Potter. We wanted to be unique and giving the whole site a brand new fresh feel going into 2022 and we have finally decided to make that change. We have been working on the revamp throughout the entirety of December and even started a bit in November, our original relaunch was supposed to be mid-January but due to Kaci (our designer) getting covid, it was pushed back until February.

We wanted to give you a FRESH and futuristic new theme, done by our official designer: Designs by Kaci! It uses some awesome shots from Ryan’s Fateful Youth photoshoot from December 2021 that he did as part of his NFT work.

Below we will highlight every single change that has been taken into account with the new revamp:

2022 Revamp & Changes:

  • Name Change: Ryan Potter Central –> Remarkably Ryan
  • Evolved Pages: Career into Career Chronicles, Origins into Project Origins.
    — Origins was integrated into the site itself instead of being a separate page.
    — Career Chronicles was integrated to provide a deeper look at each project.
  • Removed Pages: Multimedia, Information Desk & The Soundtrack (Unreleased)
  • Every single page was restyled and restructured to provide more information, new pages were added.
    — The Archives combines all the different archives that Remarkably Ryan offers as we were creating more and more, we felt it was better to have it all in one page.
    — Nickelodeon & Disney Archives were added to respectively show his time throughout each company. (These two will be refined after relaunch, will post when it’s up to par although the Nick Archive has plenty of content already!)
    Potterdle was created as an extension to be a Ryan Potter based Wordle. (Release to come soon!)
  • Majorly revamped pages to offer better information:
    — Biography (exclusive biography written by us!)
    — Career Chronicles (evolved to be more in-depth)
    — Streaming Guide (overhauled with a new style)
    — Finding Ryan (reimagined with a brand new style, adding S1 – S3 screentime and details about Titans)
    — The Archives will all share the same press articles, interviews and transcripts to completely immerse and offer the best selection for Ryan. (The Press Archive will be constructed after relaunch, will post when it’s constructed enough)
  • An unique theme designed by Kaci, which is completely different than you typically see on a fansite.
  • And many more changes are to come over time! Keep an eye out.
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NEW PROJECT: Ryan Teams Up with Fatal Youth!

Ryan has officially teamed up with the newest company, Fatal Youth, which by description is described as “The first ever live-action NFT Avatars” and “An editorial exploration of the Metaverse.” Fatal Youth looks to use real people and mix that within the NFT Avatar universe as a first of their kind as they are usually made by using fictional characters and other species and objects.

The website is meant to launch sometime this week of Thanksgiving with the NFTs going up for sale on 12/14/21 and apart from what is described so far, not much else was given about the Fatal Youth project.

Until then, you can save all the images released so far from the Photoshoot from our gallery that has already been uploaded, linked below.

We will provide more information and the website when it goes live as well as keep up with all updates through our Twitter and we also created a thread on Twitter with all the behind the scenes of the shoot, all from Day 1 of the shoot which took place on November 20th, 2021. Day 2 took place on November 21st, 2021 and there wasn’t much footage of Ryan on Day 2 but we still got at least one video!

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TITANS: Renewed for Season 4 at HBO Max!

HBO Max has renewed Titans for a fourth season to air exclusively on the streaming service. With this renewal of Titans, it creates new history for Ryan as Titans becomes his longest running show that he has been billed with as a Main Character.

Supah Ninjas ran from 2011 – 2013 and had 2 seasons, Big Hero 6: The Series ran from 2018 – 2021 (with the advance premiere of episode one airing in 2017) and had 3 seasons. Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous has been airing from 2020 – 2021 and currently has 3 seasons (this one could be renewed or premiere more episodes until Netflix decides to cancel it.) and Titans has been airing since 2018 with 4 seasons (the third season ends on 10/21/21). With the renewal that would take season 4 into 2023! (as 2022 will most likely be spent filming it.)

Watch the renewal teaser down below:

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TITANS: Season 3 Trailer!

HBO Max has finally released the Titans Season 3 Trailer ahead of it’s August 12th debut. & Yes, it features Ryan for probably around 10 seconds total. I honestly don’t expect him to have much more screen time than he’s had in previous seasons because apparently HBO/DC have no faith in him but nonetheless, I’m excited to see what he gets up to this season.

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CANCELED: “Big Hero 6: The Series” to End This Month!

Disney has officially announced the end of the spin-off series of it’s hit 2014 movie, Big Hero 6 as Big Hero 6: The Series will not be returning for a fourth season and will end when it’s final episode airs on Monday, February 15th, 2021.

Season 3 was already hit with a different format before it aired as it was changed from 22 minutes per episode to it’s new 11 minutes per episode with two episodes aired at once.

Instead of a Press Release, it got the short end of the stick as it was announced via the DisneyChannelPR Twitter account:

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