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Last month, Ryan did a photoshoot with photographer, Taiki for the Mindseeker Clothing Brand’s Spring/Summer ’19 Collection and we now have three brand new images from the shoot with more pics coming soon. If you’d like to check out other products by Mindseeker, you can visit their official site here: Official Store!

2/21/19 UPDATE: New images were added of Ryan modeling with Mindseeker for their collection that releases tomorrow, 2/22/19, which brings the total up to 23 images!



It’s expected for Titans to begin filming on season two on March 20th, 2019 in Toronto and filming is expected to continue until September 9th, 2019! *Dates are subject to change for any reason*

The season is expected to pick up exactly where season one left off where Trigon forced Dick Grayson (star Brenton Thwaites) into a vision where he killed his former mentor, Batman. Embracing his darkness, Rachel Roth is forced to recognize the evil of her father and how he’s affected her surrogate family.

It’s also a nice thing that to keep in mind that the season two premiere is expected to be crafted from the original season one finale as they felt that it would be better to end the season on a cliffhanger from episode eleven.

Although Titans season two currently has no premiere date as of right now, if DC Universe follows the route of most shows where they have similar premiere dates in the same month as previous seasons; then we could assume a late 2019 release if not an early 2020 release!

All episode stills, screencaptures, behind the scenes and other photos pertaining to season one of Titans that feature Ryan Potter as Garfield Logan / Gar Logan can be viewed in our Photo Archive now!


Back in 2013, Ryan teamed up for the first time with Wong Fu Productions to create the “Save The Date” short that also starred Piper Curda, Anna Akana, Major Curda and Jae Suh alongside our boy, Ryan. The next time that Wong Fu & Ryan would team up would be on the music video for Kina Grannis’ music video for “Write It In The Sky” in 2014.


A couple years ago, Ryan did the voiceover work for the second version/English version of Dragon Nest 2: Throne of Elves in which he voiced Fisher / Little Fish. The movie’s contract with one of it’s developers/distributors expired which titles the movie as a Standalone as opposed to a sequel.

Throne of Elves Synopsis:

Human juvenile Little Fish was invited to the distant and mysterious elf kingdom to participate in the elf queen’s wedding. Taking this opportunity, he could finally meet his elf girl friend Liya.

But the dark elves broke into the romantic wedding with army, forcing the queen to hand over the Jade, which was powerful and controlled the elves’ lifeblood. After being met with resistance, the dark elves held the queen as hostage. The whole elf kingdom fell into a panic.

In order to protect Liya, Little Fish resolutely joined the elves, and together, they started the adventure of queen rescuing. It was not just a journey full of danger, unexpectedly to Little Fish, it was also a tremendous test to himself and to the love between Liya and him.

You can now view the screencaptures in our gallery by clicking below, more project captures and coverage will come soon!


The photoshoot that Ryan was doing a couple days ago as been released, it was shot by Phil Limprasertwong and is for A Book Of. You can watch the video interview and read a small excerpt from the interview below and to read the full interview will be a link at the end of the post! (or by clicking on “A Book Of” just before this sentence. 🙂

Are there any similarities between you and your character Gar?

We both like to eat a lot of food (laughs.) I try and approach every situation with love and optimism and hope and you know all those attributes people strive for. You know I don’t think we could maintain that and do that every minute, every hour of the day but that mentality of attempting to try is something that I share with Gar.

To view the whole article and interview (it’s the same interview as the video, but if you’d like to read over watching, it’s for you!) just click here!


It’s time for the season finale of Titans! (don’t fret, Titans will be back for a season two that was confirmed a couple weeks before the season one premiere!)

Episode Eleven – Dick Grayson Synopsis

Dick takes a dark journey back to Gotham in the finale.

If you wanna see what Gar got up to in the season finale of Titans, click on the read more!

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Ryan is featured in the latest DC Daily episode that was posted earlier today which you can check out below.


In 2015, Ryan starred as Eric Barret in Underdog Kids where he is part of the undefeated Beverly Hills Junior National Karate Team, facing off against the upcoming Big Mama’s Underdogs Karate Team who all hail from a poor neighborhood.

You can watch the trailer below and view the screencaptures in our gallery now!


A couple days ago, Ryan attended the Aquaman movie premiere at the TCL Chinese Theater in Los Angeles, California and we finally have the untagged HQs of the photos which we’ve uploaded to the gallery today, there’s a total of seven photos!



We love Fridays for the sheer fact that there’s another new episode of Titans and as we seen in the episode stills, it of course features Gar in some capacity! Sadly, last week there was absolutely no Gar and next week is season one’s finale (noooo!) so you know some darkness will occur. So let’s get a feel for what the episode is about first before diving into the recap!

Episode Ten – Koriand’r Synopsis:

As Kory’s memories come flooding back, she discovers her true mission, regarding Rachel. While Dick and Donna discover Kory’s alien origins, Rachel uses her powers to save Gar.

To see our full recap on all the Gar Goodies that happened in the penultimate episode of Titans, season one click on the read more link below!

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