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Welcome to Remarkably Ryan, your exclusive and number one source for the Japanese-American actor, Ryan Potter. Ryan is most notable for playing the roles of Mike Fukanaga in Supah Ninjas, Hiro Hamada (voice) in Big Hero 6 and of course, Gar Logan in Titans.
RELAUNCH: Ryan Potter Central Has Officially Become Remarkably Ryan!

Ryan Potter Central is no more! It is officially rebranded as Remarkably Ryan, which will be the official name for years to come and will be our last name change as we feel it’s a much more appropriate name for a fansite about Ryan Potter. We wanted to be unique and giving the whole site a brand new fresh feel going into 2022 and we have finally decided to make that change. We have been working on the revamp throughout the entirety of December and even started a bit in November, our original relaunch was supposed to be mid-January but due to Kaci (our designer) getting covid, it was pushed back until February.

We wanted to give you a FRESH and futuristic new theme, done by our official designer: Designs by Kaci! It uses some awesome shots from Ryan’s Fateful Youth photoshoot from December 2021 that he did as part of his NFT work.

Below we will highlight every single change that has been taken into account with the new revamp:

2022 Revamp & Changes:

  • Name Change: Ryan Potter Central –> Remarkably Ryan
  • Evolved Pages: Career into Career Chronicles, Origins into Project Origins.
    — Origins was integrated into the site itself instead of being a separate page.
    — Career Chronicles was integrated to provide a deeper look at each project.
  • Removed Pages: Multimedia, Information Desk & The Soundtrack (Unreleased)
  • Every single page was restyled and restructured to provide more information, new pages were added.
    — The Archives combines all the different archives that Remarkably Ryan offers as we were creating more and more, we felt it was better to have it all in one page.
    — Nickelodeon & Disney Archives were added to respectively show his time throughout each company. (These two will be refined after relaunch, will post when it’s up to par although the Nick Archive has plenty of content already!)
    Potterdle was created as an extension to be a Ryan Potter based Wordle. (Release to come soon!)
  • Majorly revamped pages to offer better information:
    — Biography (exclusive biography written by us!)
    — Career Chronicles (evolved to be more in-depth)
    — Streaming Guide (overhauled with a new style)
    — Finding Ryan (reimagined with a brand new style, adding S1 – S3 screentime and details about Titans)
    — The Archives will all share the same press articles, interviews and transcripts to completely immerse and offer the best selection for Ryan. (The Press Archive will be constructed after relaunch, will post when it’s constructed enough)
  • An unique theme designed by Kaci, which is completely different than you typically see on a fansite.
  • And many more changes are to come over time! Keep an eye out.
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Happy 10th Anniversary Ryan Potter!!!!

It’s officially been 10 years since Ryan’s first project aired on television; on January 17th, 2011, Nickelodeon would air the first episode of Supah Ninjas as a special preview before airing regularly in April 2011.

Today of course marks the 10th anniversary of Supah Ninjas as well as the 10th anniversary of Ryan’s career getting started and when he would begin his career as an actor.

Since this is a huge milestone in anybody’s career to make it this long doing one thing and only gaining more fans as the years go by, I’d figure that I would write out this meaningful post about what Ryan means to me over the past ten years that I’ve enjoyed being his fan and watching each new project that he has released over the years.

You can press “Read More” if you’d like to read the post in full.

Read the rest of this entry
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Joshua Orpin Posted Us!

That’s probably a little loaded persay…. but THE Joshua Orpin aka Conner from Titans and Ryan’s co-star has (indirectly and not really about us) posted a video featuring our site in a tab in his browser as he was showing off that he frequently stalks Ryan. imeanwhodoesntright?

This was just a minor freakout by us, please carry on.

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Celebrating 2 Years Online!!

Welcome back to Ryan Potter Central, where we are celebrating our 2 years online (officially 2 years on July 16th!) with a brand new Aestethic-y feel with that soft summer-y feel. We had a completely different feel and look about our 2 years theme but as I was going over pictures and what we wanted as a theme and as we were going over it, we decided to go in a completely different direction than originally planned!

We have so many people to thank for helping us: Kaci (for the theme and general help), Frederick, (for References in the editable celebration banner; also check out her amazing site on Tom!), Gratrix Designs (for references in the boxes below the header) & (for references in the logo between the menu) and many others who have helped throughout our time!

We have many new additions and features on Ryan Potter Central and we will list them all below:

  • Spotlight Project in Header
  • Social Media in Header
    — Features Ryan’s Twitter / Insta (top) as well as our Social Media (bottom) links.
  • Official Ryan Links in the Footer
  • Important Site links in the Footer
  • Japanese incorporated into logo
  • Streaming Guide
    — Our post from January 2020 turned into an actual guide for viewing! [Access]
  • Revamped Ryan Potter Biography page
  • Revamped Career page, becoming more detailed
    — We have made it so each project now has their own detailed page with a vast amount of information.
  • Project Origins page
    — For those projects of Ryan’s that are based off comics/books. [Access]
  • Press Archive
    — Coming Soon!
  • Finding Ryan
    — Wanna only watch the Ryan parts in a certain project? Now you can find out all times to feature him. WORK IN PROGRESS, NOT COMPLETELY FINISHED [Access]
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Quick Update!

Hello everyone! I know I’ve been radio silent on the main site so I’ve decided to post this quick update to let everyone know about the quick updates that have been made today (4/13/20) and to expect more in the coming days. All updated albums from today have been linked below.

More will come over the next couple days as I have the next five days off of work cause the work gods love me enough to let my schedule align that way, I hope everyone is staying safe and continuously keeping up on washing hands and being well and taking care of yourself during this stressful time.

Television Series & 2012 | Fred: The Series > 014 | Fred’s All Nighter
Screencaptures & Shorts > Tim Drake Concept Fight
Miscellaneous & Instagram > Stories > 2019
Miscellaneous & Instagram > Stories > 2020 > April
Movies & 2018 | Running for Grace > Behind The Scenes
Movies & 2018 | Running for Grace > Production Stills
Movies & 2018 | Running for Grace > Promotional Covers
Movies & 2018 | Running for Grace > Promotional Posters
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Happy One Year Anniversary, Ryan Potter Central!!
© Kaci Elizabeth at

As of today, July 16th, 2019, has turned ONE YEAR OLD. Although we have been running since September 12th, 2012 and still are running it, we have lately been running the fansite more often but still gradually update the tumblr and check it daily. I have been a supporter of Ryan Potter and his projects since the beginning of his career in 2011 and he’s quickly became one of my all-time favorite celebrities. Ryan has acknowledged me on Twitter several times over the years, which have all been highlighted and dated on the About The Site page under the Online subsection.

I just wanted to personally thank everyone for viewing the site and gallery and helping support Ryan in every way that we as fans can do. As of this post, the site counter as tallied over 9,000 unique hits (it’s a little off as it hasn’t always been active) and the gallery has reached 257,926 views and 56,649 photos! I hope to be able to continue providing you the latest news, videos, photos and other means of sources on Ryan as much as possible.

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Gar Goodies: Welcome back!

Our new theme has been created and designed by the amazing Zeste De Couleurs, You should check them out for future reference! There’s still plenty of things to update but I’ve gotten it 90% online and the other things are minor changes that won’t affect traffic flow.

We’ve been in maintenance mode the last couple days as I’ve been changing the theme and revising the pages to fit the new theme better. I’ve removed the links for the Press Archive, Icon Archive and Filmography pages as I need to revamp the Icon Archive as the layout on there needs fixing, Press Archive needs to be majorly updated and Filmography is going through a major revamp and that will be re-worked on Thursday & Friday when the sidebar will be reworked.

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Gar Goodies: New Theme & Features!

Ryan Potter Central (née Source) has a brand new theme, titled: Lonely World! It was made by my good friend, Kaci especially for! As everyone knows, usually when a new theme gets put in place there’s a ton of new features that come with it.. much like with this one! I’ve started dubbing my site news posts as Gar Goodies!

To start off, one of the major things that was recently changed sees the Sidebar being completely renovated with plenty of new features added to further keep everyone up-to-date on Ryan.

  • Latest Projects: I didn’t notice prior that the Latest Projects was removed from the sidebar and site altogether but this has finally been added back with his latest projects that have been released within the last 6 months.
  • Calendar: The calendar feature will feature the month’s events that has to deal with the Events that Ryan is attending and when his show’s premiere.
  • Upcoming Episode: This feature has been a work in progress and will be updated as much as possible, currently only displaying Titans as Big Hero 6: The Series just aired the season one finale and won’t return until next year.
  • Affiliates: With this theme, Affiliates has been combined into one section but will be divided again within the next couple of months.

Also on fresh additions, we’ve made a Facebook page, which you can access here (as well as on the header) and although, I’m not a fan of Facebook much anymore, I’ll try my best to update on there as much as possible with each new post.

I’ve also opened the Icons Archive; with over 150+ icons ready for use! If you would like to donate some icons (that were made by you) for me to add to the archive, please feel free to DM us on Twitter or email us.

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Gar Goodies: New Theme at Ryan Potter Central!

Ryan Potter Central has a new theme! The coding was done by Sin21 Designs and the beautiful header of Ryan was made by Claudia over at Never Enough Designs, you should go check them both out and see their incredible designs and premades! This theme has very light tones and it’s a major change from the previous theme’s very dark tones. Claudia did amazing on the header and I’m so happy with how it turned out! You can now see the new theme on the main site and the gallery!

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Welcome to Ryan Potter Central!

Welcome to Ryan Potter Central, your first fansite based on and dedicated to the amazing Asian-American actor and photographer, Ryan Potter! We have been running a fan-tumblr on Ryan since September 12th, 2012 and continue to run alongside Ryan Potter Central, in which you can find us on Tumblr at Ryanspapaya.

Ryan Potter Central originally started as a SoSugary Free Gallery under the same moniker as our tumblr, Ryanspapaya in March 2018 but quickly transferred to an actual website this month. Below is an overview of many features we offer about Ryan:

  • Photo Archive: Our Photo Archive is full of images spanning Ryan’s (so far) 7-year career, including some exclusive images that are shared only on Ryan Potter Central.
  • Biography: We have an extensive Biography page so fans can learn all they can about the amazing actor.
  • Career: We have made a special page dedicated to his carefully selected career paths and charities.

Please enjoy your visit to Ryan Potter Central and we hope that you continue to visit to stay updated on your favorite actor as he continues to grow his fanbase with each new project and learn the latest news surrounding his career.

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