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Originally Posted: August 22, 2013

The original post is no longer available as Nickelodeon no longer has celebrity profiles or news postings.

Today we’re counting down the 5 most awesome butt kickers that we know! Why? Well, because they kick so much butt every day, we thought it was time they got some props. So who makes this list of Nick’s coolest and fiercest fighters? Let the countdown begin!

5. Dudley Puppy
He’s part of the “Turbo Undercover Fighting Force”, A.K.A. T.U.F.F, so of course this guy made our list. This brawny pup is as tough as nails, and he’s got a real bone to pick with evil-doers.

4. Sam Puckett
Sam is the kind of girl who eats nails for breakfast, but not just because she’s tough… because she’s hungry. Three words you never want to say to her? “Pass the butter.”

3. Raphael
He’s the meanest and greenest of his brothers, but in a good way. Raphael never turns down a fight and is always ready to brawl, whether it be against the Kraang or over the last slice of pizza. Hey, turtles gotta eat!

2. Korra
Korra is on this list because, well, once you’ve mastered all 4 elements, you’ve pretty much earned it. As the Avatar, she never gets a day off from protecting the world from evil or perfecting her powers. Oh, and did we mention she rides a polar bear dog to work each day? Awesome.

1. Mike Fukanaga

Mike Fukanaga really is a supah ninja, and it doesn’t hurt that the guy who plays him, Ryan Potter, is skilled in White Tiger Kung Fu, too. You really don’t want to go toe to toe with this guy, but if you do, it’s safe to say you won’t see him coming.

There you have it! That’s our list of the 5 toughest guys and gals around. Remember these names well, just in case you’re ever recruiting a super team of fighters to overthrow an evil villain. It could happen…