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Originally Posted: October 27, 2011

The original post is no longer available as Nickelodeon no longer has celebrity profiles or news postings.

Sure, trick-or-treaters have dressed as red-caped superheros and weapon-ed warriors on fright nights past. Some of them have even suited themselves in ninja gear. But has anyone ever dressed up as three crime-fighting high schoolers with supah skills for vanquishing evil? Didn’t think so. Be the first (other than Gracie Dzienny, Ryan Potter, and Carlos Knight) to dress as the Supah Ninjas this Halloween by following these simple steps…

What you’ll need:

Two Kick-Butt Pals

They are a trio of Supah Ninjas after all. Grab two of your best buds to make your costume three-times as awesome.

Ninja Artillary

Amanda’s a master of the tonfa sticks. Mike’s a whiz with nunchucks. And Owen’s…well, Owen’s still getting the hang of things. Pick your weapon of choice and strap it on your battle belt. Just make sure to practice caution while handling supah warrior weaponry.

Form-fitting Supah Suits

Okay, so this may look difficult at first glance, but there’s really nothing to it! Grab your snuggest pair of black slacks, a turtleneck, and a bulky belt, and you’ll be looking like a dojo warrior in no time.

Combat Camo

A true ninja never reveals their true identity to their enemy! That’s why you’ve gotta go incognito for your warrior wardrobe. A ski mask will do just fine to re-create these dojo disguises.

A Sensei

So, maybe you can’t get the real Halogramps to be there for your trick-or-treat festivities…But you can find a Hallow-gramps of your own! Every ninja needs a sensei, so grab your wisest pal or family member and bring them along as you hunt for candy-coated treats. They could give you tons of advice on the sweetest spots for sugary snacks, and they could watch your back in case there’s any midnight mischief. Win-win!

The moon is almost full, and it looks like it’s gonna be a boo-tiful night…So slap on that supah suit and get ready to sport the coolest costume in the neighborhood!