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“Titans” Episode Five – Together Recap!

Welcome back to Gar Chronicles! We have another thrilling episode of Titans this week and it’s starting to heat up!

Stop right there! Have you not been keeping up with all the Gar action? Check out last week’s recap!

Episode Five — Together Synopsis:

When the Nuclear Family tracks them down, Dick, Kory, Rachel and Gar decide to stop running and work together – and the team that will be known as “The Titans” is formed.

Gar is definitely my favorite character on the show but i’m more than biased.

The Titans are first seen travelling to a lowkey motel in which Gar and Rachel in the backseat as they pull up to the hotel in their new minivan before Dick went to check into their rooms. Although, they all got separate rooms they gathered in one room to discuss their game plan against the Nuclear Family.

“Who are they? What do they want?”

After they discuss their game plan, they go to an old barn to show off their powers where Kory goes first and Gar is considerably impressed with her powers even giving her a high five. After Kory, Gar goes next and is a little bit embarrassed as he has to be naked to avoid ripping his clothes and his favorite jacket. Once the rest of them turned around, the next thing heard was Gar roaring which scared Dick, as he’s clearly not a fan of tigers.

“It’ll be worth it, I promise!”

Once he transformed back into Gar, he was fully naked which prompted Kory to start laughing as Rachel looked away. As Rachel stepped up to the plate and showed off her powers which prompted the team to get a little worried as her “soul self” went after them.

After all their powers were shown, Gar is shown checking on Rachel making sure that she was really okay. Rachel asks Gar if it hurts when he transforms, this prompts Gar to ask Rachel to close her eyes and he promises to not do anything weird.

“Imagine electricty running through your whole body.. it doesn’t hurt.. it just feels like you get plugged into something. Then you start to feel strong, like really strong. And when you breathe, it’s like you’re breathing in the whole world. You feel it? You feel totally free. All that strength, you wanna run. You wanna jump. You wanna break shit. Just… you feel like you can do anything and you wanna roar. Not because you’re angry because you just wanna let it all out. Now roar!”

After his explanation of what it feels like to Gar and Rachel continue to play around and imitate a tiger roaring. Later on, Gar is bored as he plays a handheld game in his motel room.

Shortly after, The Nuclear Family shows up to cause some drama as they start attacking the Titans and Gar quickly takes Rachel outside the motel as Kory keeps the children busy. After Kory throws the children downstairs she meets Gar and Rachel outside the motel in the parking lot, where the Nuclear Family quickly shows up surrounding them. Kory is powerless as she doesn’t have control of her powers at night which Dad then quickly hits her with a car door knocking her out before Dick shows up and kicks the Nuclear Family’s ass with his Robin ensemble as Gar and Rachel watch it go down.

After a few moments, Gar strips down and transforms into his tiger form to bite the Son’s bat and send him flying across the parking lot. When the Nuclear Family surrenders, the children are interrogated by Rachel as Gar watches from behind them.

Dick goes to their car and tracks down the last visited address from The Nuclear Family’s GPS when Rachel confronts him about being Robin, soon followed by Gar who asks if they’re gonna meet Batman to which Dick declines with a simple “No.” before telling Kory to keep them [Gar and Rachel] safe.

“I’d really like to meet Batman.”

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