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Welcome to Remarkably Ryan, your exclusive and number one source for the Japanese-American actor, Ryan Potter. Ryan is most notable for playing the roles of Mike Fukanaga in Supah Ninjas, Hiro Hamada (voice) in Big Hero 6 and of course, Gar Logan in Titans.
“Titans” Episode Four – Doom Patrol Recap!

Welcome back to Gar Chronicles! This week is a Gar-centric episode and an origin story episode for Gar. In this episode, we also meet his “Family” the Doom Patrol.

Stop right there! Have you not been keeping up with all the Gar action? Check out last week’s recap!

Episode Four — Doom Patrol Synopsis:

Gar brings Rachel home to his “family” – a group of misfit medical experiments we’ll come to know as The Doom Patrol (including Robotman, Negative Man and Elastigirl).

The episode starts off with a flashback in Congo, two years prior; The CDC are carrying in infected patients speaking a foreign language as Gar lays struggling to breathe while screaming for help, begging them not to leave him alone.

“Please! Don’t leave me alone!”

When he notices a man, he weakly releases a “Hello?” as the guy looks at the green skin spreading across his arm with a promise to save him. The unknown man injects Gar with a serum as he screams and starts fully turning green.

The next scene we see is Beast Boy (as a tiger) confronting Rachel in the woods after she ran away from St. Paul’s and the sisters. He transforms back into Gar as he tells Rachel that he “doesn’t bite” and tells her to come on as they run off.

Rachel and Gar shack up in an abandoned barn as they talk about what makes them “special” or “freaks” rather, also mentioning that it can’t be any worse than the people he lives with, before they hear a gunshot go off with two deer hunters drinking and trying to get the deer but Rachel stops them although they brush her off before Gar comes to the rescue and scares them off in his tiger form. He admits to not have bitten anyone before and the fact that blood grosses him out.

“There’s nothing evil about you.”

Gar and Rachel finally arrive to his home as they go downstairs to his game room in which he dubs, his Nirvana. Gar hears Cliff coming and hides Rachel in the closet and once Cliff enters the room he starts to scold Gar for going off into town again and leaving the house and Gar tries to cover it up by saying his controller broke and he needed to go buy a new one, keeping a low profile as no one followed him home.

After the scolding, Cliff tells him that dinner is in one hour before pretending to leave the room as Gar asks Rachel if she wants to play Two Player right before Cliff yanks open the closet doors and finds her hiding there.

Cliff drags both of them into the study as he tells Rachel that she needs to go home, as she asks if he is a Robot or… when Gar fills in that he’s a “Robotman” and proceeds to tell his backstory of how he came to be a robot. Reinstating the fact that Rachel needed to leave before the Chief gets home.

Gar gets pulled aside by Cliff to get scolded once more and while their backs are turned, Rachel wanders off to the kitchen where Negative Man is cooking dinner. Gar introduces Rachel to Negative Man as he asks her how she likes her steak and they vote on if she gets to stay for dinner in which Negative Man & Gar outvote Robotman in favor of her staying for dinner.

Gar is seen walking through the mansion looking for Rita, he knocks on her door and says that he would love for her to meet Rachel as he tells her that they will bring up dinner later if she isn’t up for leaving her room today.

Negative Man brings out dinner to Gar, Robotman and Rachel as he has decorated them nicely while Cliff tells asks her the waffles taste before telling her to try the fried chicken and once more asks her how it tastes.
Rita finally shows up to dinner announcing that she was putting herself together, meeting Rachel while filling up her plate with a ton of food as Cliff continues to eat through the others while Gar just smiles happily watching the whole scenario go down.

As Rachel touches Rita and finds out more of her story and admitting she’s not afraid of Rita, the Chief comes home and immediately asks who Rachel is just as fast as Gar says he can explain where Chief just brushes him off and announces he has a new patient.

They all get suited up to help with the patient, Shyleen Lao. The Chief starts telling the others what to get and what he needs as Gar retrived his case. The Chief says that she is a good soul and worth saving as he administers a serum and her body reacted to the serum by changing the temperature around everyone. Shyleen started to freak out and try to escape but Rachel quickly eased her pain.

The Chief and Gar are talking in the study as the Chief tells Gar that he is disappointed in him and calls him “incredibly selfish” as he was breaking up the family and risking everything by bringing someone to the mansion. It quickly turned into the Chief asking about Rachel after Gar quickly agreed to never disobeying him again.

The Chief is talking to Rachel and the gang, explaining what he does there by saving people that others have given up on by going beyond what medical science is able to do. He explains how each member came to him and how he brought them to his home, when he gets to Garfield, Gar only says that the Chief cured him from a rare disease from an even rarer species of primate in the Congo basin. The cure had unforeseen side affects which is why Gar can transform into animals, such as the Tiger. The Chief says he believes he can help Rachel in which she denies that he can help her by examining her and running a few tests.

Gar questions if the Chief is sure he can actually do this, continuing to question his motives in which the Chief just demands he do what he asks.. for Rachel. Rachel has second thoughts on doing this and asks Gar to unstrap her but stops when Chief says to sit back down in which he refuses and attempts to go full on tiger against the Chief demanding he let Rachel go only to be shot with a tranquilizer.

After Dick brings Rachel back to reality from her darkside, Dick, Kory and Rachel go to leave and the Doom Patrol all stand as they watch them go but before they get in the car, Cliff, Larry and Rita all encourage Gar to go with Rachel and the others to go live his life and have more than they ever could as The Doom Patrol are still bound to the Chief as they owe it to him to help him get better.

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