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October 06 2018

Welcome back to another Big Hero 6: The Series recap which I always title: Hiro-ed Out! Earlier today, Disney aired the 22nd episode of the series Obake Yashiki, which when translated from Japanese, means “Haunted House” and next week’s three-part season finale, Countdown to Catastrophe, puts the season total at 25 episodes!

Episode Twenty-Two — Obake Yashiki Synopsis:

On Halloween Night, the gang goes to a haunted house, where they are sprayed with a gas that unknowingly places digital imaging lenses onto their eyes. Later the Big Hero 6 set out to stop Noodle Burger Boy’s latest crime, but Hiro gets distracted after seeing Tadashi alive and roaming the city at night. He eventually meets his “brother” in the haunted house where he is overjoyed to see him again at first, but soon realizes that this just an illusion created by Obake, caused by the lenses which turns their fears into reality. As the rest of the team face their worst fears, Noodle Burger Boy steals a high-powered magnet from SFIT. After the events, Hiro and his friends regroup and wonder how Obake knows them so well, while Noodle Burger Boy delivers the magnet to Obake, so he can use it for the machine he is building.

Things are definitely heating up for Hiro and the team and after watching this episode, I really can’t wait to see what next week’s finale brings for the team!

The episode starts off with GoGo and Professor Granville in a lab looking at the new Hyper-conducting Magnet. Granville is pleased that GoGo volunteered for the project as everyone else is concerned with Halloween antics when the lights go out and Fred attempts to scare GoGo before the magnet attracts the chains that Fred is wearing.

Hiro enters the room that the rest of the team is in with an invitation to the newest Haunted House that guarantees to terrify as Fred continues to try and scare GoGo but instead scares Wasabi who messes up his Jack-O-Lantern.

The gang all dress up in their costumes: Baymax as a Pirate (from the Baymax and Fred short), Wasabi as a Pineapple, GoGo as a Cat, Hiro as a Pirate and Fred as a caped superhero while freaking out over the fact that Big Hero 6 are all popular costumes for Halloween!

When the gang gets to “Mr. Ohare’s House of Scares” the vampire-like man greets them and asks if they’re ready to be scared in which none of them appear to be, Fred finding GoGo’s lack of fear disturbing. Wasabi says his fear is heights while Fred’s fear is revealed as Spiders and Honey admits she is afraid of Hippos. GoGo says she doesn’t like Leprechauns. As the gang is leaving, they receive an alert that Noodle Burger Boy is at the crate shipyard.

Big Hero 6 engage in a battle with Noodle Burger Boy only to get severely outsmarted until Baymax stops him by shooting his rocket fist and just as Hiro was about to say “You’re coming with me” he stops short as he sees his late brother, Tadashi in the distant behind all the smoke to distract him from Noodle Burger Boy.

Professor Granville is teaching Hiro’s class when Hiro sees Tadashi through the door’s window and excuses himself to the bathroom only to find an empty hall as Tadasi has once again disappeared. Fred once again tries to scare Gogo, this time dressed up as a Leprechaun on a tricycle and she fakes fear but Fred isn’t fooled in which Gogo calls his attempt just plain sad.

Hiro and the gang are flying through the skies and streets as they track the crate that Noodle Burger Boy stole and they find him on the 23rd floor of the building. The gang then engage in a battle with buddy bots who disguised themselves as dumplings and are tied to Noodle Burger Boy and Big Hero 6 is only overpowered when the dumplings go invisible apart from Hiro and Baymax. Hiro disables one of the dumplings before going down as the rest of them shoot Baymax down and Noodle Burger Boy escapes.

As Hiro is fixing Baymax from the damage he sustained in the battle, he once again sees Tadashi and follows him out onto the street. Tadashi ends up leading Hiro back to Mr. Ohare’s House of Scares and into the Fortune Teller room where they finally come face to face once again and have a chat. Hiro freaks out because it’s crazy that he’s here.

Noodle Burger Boy invades the Lab where the Hyper-conducting Magnet and Gogo currently are and she calls for back up from the gang besides not being able to reach Hiro as he’s in the haunted house with Tadashi. The gang’s biggest fears come to life as Noodle Burger Boy steals the Hyper-conducting Magnet.

During Hiro and Tadashi’s conversation, he tells Hiro that he shouldn’t waste his talents fixing his “old work” and then Hiro finally pieces it all together that Tadashi is not really there and finally realizes that he and the rest of them were hit with lenses at the Haunted House when they used the scopes.

The gang discusses everything they saw as Obake was watching one of Baymax’s old tapes on Tadashi when he was originally building Baymax as Noodle Burger Boy brings in him the Hyper-Conducting Magnet and the episode ends with Obake’s face glowing with the purple half-skull.

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