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January 10 2019

Back in 2013, Ryan teamed up for the first time with Wong Fu Productions to create the “Save The Date” short that also starred Piper Curda, Anna Akana, Major Curda and Jae Suh alongside our boy, Ryan. The next time that Wong Fu & Ryan would team up would be on the music video for Kina Grannis’ music video for “Write It In The Sky” in 2014.

December 31 2018

A couple years ago in 2016, Ryan did the voice-over work for the English version of Dragon Nest 2: Throne of Elves in which he voiced Fisher / Little Fish. The movie’s contract with one of it’s developers / distributors expired which titles the movie as a standalone as opposed to a sequel, making it often referred to as “Throne of Elves.”

You can view all screencaptures and other photos related to the project in our Photo Archive now!

Throne of Elves Synopsis:

Human juvenile Little Fish was invited to the distant and mysterious elf kingdom to participate in the elf queen’s wedding. Taking this opportunity, he could finally meet his elf girl friend Liya.

But the dark elves broke into the romantic wedding with army, forcing the queen to hand over the Jade, which was powerful and controlled the elves’ lifeblood. After being met with resistance, the dark elves held the queen as hostage. The whole elf kingdom fell into a panic.

In order to protect Liya, Little Fish resolutely joined the elves, and together, they started the adventure of queen rescuing. It was not just a journey full of danger, unexpectedly to Little Fish, it was also a tremendous test to himself and to the love between Liya and him.

December 20 2018

Welcome to another edition of Project Throwbacks as this time we cover a movie that Ryan did back in 2015, Underdog Kids, where he plays Eric, a martial artist who is apart of the undefeated Beverly Hills Junior National Karate Team. They go to the championships against the upcoming Big Mama’s Underdogs Karate Team who all hail from the poor neighborhoods.

You can watch the trailer below and view all the production stills, behind the scenes photos and screen captures in the Photo Archive now!

November 15 2018

Welcome to the first of many Project Throwbacks, where we update our Photo Archive with a previous project of all the stills, screencaptures and behind the scenes photos. As part of the first Throwback, we introduce his role on Lab Rats: Elite Force as Riker in which he appeared in two episodes of the only season the show ran for back in 2016.