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Welcome to Remarkably Ryan, your exclusive and number one source for the Japanese-American actor, Ryan Potter. Ryan is most notable for playing the roles of Mike Fukanaga in Supah Ninjas, Hiro Hamada (voice) in Big Hero 6 and of course, Gar Logan in Titans.
Lab Rats: Elite Force
PREMIERE DATE: March 2nd, 2016
FINALE DATE: October 22nd, 2016
RUNNING TIME: 24 Minutes
STATUS: Cancelled
EPISODE(S): S01E01 / S01E07

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Series Overview

Lab Rats: Elite Force is set in a bustling metropolis after the Mighty Med hospital is destroyed by a band of unknown super-villains. After Adam and Leo volunteer to oversee the students at Davenport’s Bionic Academy, Kaz, Oliver and Skylar join forces with Chase and Bree to form a powerful elite force that combines bionic heroes and superheroes. Together, they vow to track down the villains and keep the world safe. 

Full Cast

  • Ryan Potter as Riker
  • Booboo Stewart as Roman
  • Bradley Steven Perry as Kaz
  • William Brent as Chase
  • Jake Short as Oliver
  • Paris Berelc as Skylar
  • Kelli Berglund as Bree

— This only lists the main five actors plus Ryan and Booboo for their episodes.

Episode Overview

S01E01 — The Rise of Five
aired on: march 2, 2016

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Following the events of the Lab Rats series finale, Davenport brings Chase and Bree to their new residence at the penthouse in Davenport Tower, a skyscraper in Centium City that includes a mission command center in the basement. Davenport also introduces them to their new teammates, Kaz, Oliver, and Skylar, who together form the Elite Force. Kaz immediately wants to find the people who recently destroyed Mighty Med, while the others want to come up with a plan first. A message is delivered to the penthouse, declaring that all superheroes will be destroyed, followed by Kaz, Oliver, Skylar, and anyone who protects them. Kaz runs off to find the culprits and meets them in an alley, but he is surprised to find out that they are shapeshifters Roman and Riker, the sons of a former superhero named Rodissius, whose superpowers Kaz and Oliver had earlier taken away in order to save his life. Believing that life without superpowers is worse than death, Roman and Riker want to eliminate Kaz and Oliver to get revenge. A confrontation between them and the Elite Force ensues, but the Elite Force is eventually knocked out and Roman and Riker take Skylar away. The team later locates Skylar, Roman, and Riker, and Oliver uses his cryo blast to freeze the cloud that Roman and Riker form; however, as the Elite Force celebrates with a team selfie, Roman and Riker escape.

S01E07 — The List
aired on: april 13, 2016

Episode Stills // Screencaptures

With help from Kaz, Chase is able to compile a list of all the superheroes from Mighty Med so they can be warned of the threat from Roman and Riker. Among the superheroes is Crossbow, Skylar’s mentor and first friend, who is living undercover as a groundskeeper for a park in Centium City. Worried that Crossbow did not receive the message, Skylar sets out with Oliver to find her, despite Chase’s warning that tracking her down could endanger her life. Skylar and Oliver find Crossbow in the park and warn her about Roman and Riker, who had been eavesdropping on Skylar and Oliver earlier. Riker shows up at mission command in disguise as Kaz so he can retrieve the list of superheroes, but Chase and Bree realize who he is and freeze him. Roman shows up in the park and attacks Skylar, Oliver and Crossbow. Bree and Chase arrive as Roman is about to leave with Crossbow. A swap is made between the two sides: Crossbow in exchange for Riker and the superhero list. However, Roman kills Crossbow after she destroys the list. Skylar becomes upset and attacks Roman and Riker, forcing them to retreat. Later, Kaz and Oliver are able to revive Crossbow.

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