_Remarkably Ryan_

Welcome to the Official Facts & Trivia section of Remarkably Ryan, where we highlight official facts and other trivia related details about Ryan whether they may be known to you yet or not!

  • He was born on September 12th, 1995.
  • His middle name begins with “K” and is kept secret, his middle name is Japanese though.
  • He was known as “Iron Ryan” growing up, which he earned while playing Baseball.
  • His first language is Japanese.
  • He was born in Oregon City, Oregon before moving to Japan until he was seven years old.
  • Ryan has two tattoos, one on his finger and the other on his lower stomach / hip.
  • He has an personal/emotional connection to the Teen Titans and other comics as it really helped him growing up, especially with learning English.
  • Ryan has appeared in both Marvel & DC properties.
  • Ryan has also appeared on both the Disney Channel & Nickelodeon networks.
  • Ryan has / had his own charity, Toy Box of Hope which was active from 2011 – 2013.
  • He’s done the most work as Hiro Hamada (voice) as Hiro appeared in multiple video games, shorts, show and movie.
  • He’s the recipient of the “Rising Star Award” from the Fort Myers Beach Film Festival Awards.
  • James Lew is his step-father, marrying his mother, Jordanna in late 2014.
  • Ryan enjoys Directing & Photography apart from Acting.
  • He often supports his friend’s causes and other charities/causes that are important to him on social media.
  • He’s very supportive of his friends, co-stars and people in his life.
  • Ryan often watches Anime and from time to time will cosplay.
  • He uses his mother’s last name, Potter.
  • He often visits Japan on vacations, where he mostly speaks Japanese while there since all his friends there only speak it.
  • He’s done a lot of photoshoots with local photographers.
  • His first series was Supah Ninjas (2011) and his first movie was Senior Project (2014).