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“Titans” Season Two — “Trigon” Recap

Welcome back to our weekly Gar Chronicles recaps for Titans! We should start off by saying that we are so glad that Titans has come back for another season!

If you’re curious about what happened on the season finale of season one, you can catch up here!

note: this post was updated to include the gallery links under the synopsis.

Episode One — “Trigon” Synopsis:

The season premiere continues the apocalyptic events of last season as Trigon sets out to win the Titans over to his side by embracing their inner darkness.

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Before I get to the recap, I would just like to point out that it really shows this episode is leftover from season one and I wasn’t really happy with the quick wrap-up of Trigon as I felt he could’ve had potential as a tough villain.

Episode One — “Trigon” Recap:

Picking up where they left off, Raven is still in confrontation with her father, Trigon for turning Dick dark. Trigon tells Rachel that “our future will be glorious” in which Gar responds with a swift “Hard pass.” before grabbing Rachel’s hand and running through the house away from Dick.

They ran upstairs and Trigon’s dark magic is starting to play tricks as they go into the bedroom and Gar continues to ask “What’s happening?” as they discuss how to turn Dick back into himself.

Rachel finds a secret passage in which her and Gar run through seconds before Dick breaks into the room and Gar goes full-on tiger mode. Dick follows them straight through the secret passage and down the corridor and stairs into the dark.

After the other Titans (new and old) are invited in by Trigon, we see Gar and Rachel run up towards Kory as Rachel and Kory embrace each other in a hug while Gar stands off to the side. Rachel catches Kory up on everything that is happening with Dick and comes up with the solution to kill her, this doesn’t set well with Gar as he tries to stop Kory once she finally gives in but he ends up laid out on the floor after a quick shot to the jaw from Kory before she sets Rachel ablaze.

Gar and Rachel finally make it downstairs where they find all of their friends waiting only to quickly find out that they’ve all been affected by Trigon’s magic. Trigon initiates the “final betrayal” which isn’t good for Gar as the others then proceed to beat him to a pulp and put him on the brink of dying after Dick tosses him into a shelf and knocks him out.

After Rachel’s heart breaks and Trigon shows his true form, Gar (in snake form; HELLO NEW TRANSFORMATION!!!) slithers behind Rachel and transforms back into his human form. Once in his human form again, Gar takes Rachel’s hand and reminds her that she is a good person and that she needs to remember who she really is.

Once Rachel is back to her regular self, she says that they need to save Dick now before going after her father. After reverting Dick to his regular self, Gar is confused on what happened as Rachel walks outside to confront her father and the two boys follow her outside and watch from in front of the house.

When Raven unleashes her powers on her father, it sends out an impulse blast that sends Trigon and the Titans flying to the ground as Trigon dissipates into the air.

Afterwards, the Titans all gather together at the end of the road to say their goodbyes with Gar, Rachel, Dick and Jason taking Donna’s car to go off on their own adventure and the others taking off in their own direction.

The team finally reaches their destination: The Titans Tower where Gar & Jason excitedly runs to different rooms and Gar goes into the Costume Room where he takes it all in. He then returns to the lobby with Jason to take in the view with the others.

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