Ryan Potter

Welcome to Ryan Potter Central, the largest and most updated fansite source for the Japanese-American actor, Ryan Potter. He is most known for his roles as Mike Fukanaga in "Supah Ninjas", Hiro Hamada in "Big Hero 6" and Garfield Logan (aka Beast Boy) in "Titans". We strive to provide the latest news, videos, photos and other updates.
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If you wanna know more about the man himself, Ryan Potter, you came to the right page! Everything relating to Ryan and his career is listed here from his Biography to his Tattoos to his Representation and more!

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Everything you need to know about the main man, Ryan Potter, is all here including his biography from his now-defunct official website and his previous nickname from his younger days, Iron Ryan.


Want to see all of the Tattoos that Ryan has? Well there’s a detailed view of each one that Ryan has and all the inspiration arond them!


If you’re curious to who represents Ryan, all information was obtained in January 2019 from IMDb Pro and is marked as accurate as of then.


This section is to highlight Ryan’s awards that he’s been nominated for or have won in his career. It’s not a big list but nevertheless it is still something worth taking note of as it’s an honor to be nominated!

Supporting Ryan

If you would like to know the various ways to support Ryan through his projects or other means, then you can now find out how as I have compiled a bunch of different ways that help support our man!

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