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Welcome to Remarkably Ryan, your exclusive and number one source for the Japanese-American actor, Ryan Potter. Ryan is most notable for playing the roles of Mike Fukanaga in Supah Ninjas, Hiro Hamada (voice) in Big Hero 6 and of course, Gar Logan in Titans.
“Titans” Episode Seven — Asylum Recap!

With only four episodes to go until the season finale, things are heating up and getting even more dangerous. Follow along with the Gar Chronicles to see what Gar has been up to.

Stop right there! Have you not been keeping up on all the Gar action? Check out the last recap!

Episode Seven — Asylum Synopsis:

The Titans set out to rescue Rachel’s birth mother from a mysterious psychiatric facility, but find themselves confronting their deepest vulnerabilities and fears.

This was enough Gar content to feed me for the week, I can’t wait until next week to see what it brings!

When we first see Gar, he is silently standing behind Rachel as she pleads to go talk to Dr. Adamson and again seen sitting next to Rachel as Dick and Kory tell Rachel about her birth mother. Rachel and the others disagree on the plan to go see Angela with Rachel storming off and Gar heading after her.

In the other room, away from Dick & Kory’s view, Gar said that he lied when he agreed with them because living with Dr. Caulder “you get pretty good at that when you live with Dr. Caulder.” and Gar told Rachel that he would go with her to the Asylum and they should arrive in style.

Rachel and Gar left the safe house using Kory’s Uber account, with Gar being pretty sure that Rachel would protect him when Kory kicks his ass. Once they arrive, they devise a plan to sneak into the Asylum and they don’t get far as the security guards taze both Gar and Rachel.

“You’ll protect me.”

When Kory & Dick arrive in the tunnels, they see Gar unconcious in a wheelchair and after a few moments, guards walk in and hold a gun to his head.

The Asylum doctors along with Dr. Adamson have locked Gar inside a cage, tying him up and torturing him while he’s naked. Gar clearly has an incredible amount of restraint when it comes to torture as he holds himself back from giving the doctors what they want.

“That felt good.”

Gar is sitting in the cage alone as Rachel and Angela come to his rescue to try and break him free. One of the doctors come in just as Gar walks out of the cage and pushes Angela out of the way as Rachel runs to her side, the doctor is walking towards Rachel with one of the tazers but before he can do anything Gar attacks him and throws him across the room in tiger form, attacking him violently to the point of killing the doctor.

After Gar transforms back into his human form, he looks so destroyed after biting the doctor and after Gar gets dressed, he and Rachel both go to get Dick and Gar carries him out.

When the gang gets to Kory, Dick limps over and takes out the doctors working on Kory as the alarm sounds go off while Gar, using his training from living with Dr. Caulder, takes the intubation tube out of Kory’s mouth.

Gar and the others watch as Dick takes out more than 10 guards by himself, as his final words are just “get out of here.” As Gar, Rachel and Angela are walking along the grounds, the Asylum blows up in flames and Kory walks out the front door, unharmed as they watch it burn whilst elsewhere Dick watches his Robin suit burn.

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